Our story

Having spent years inside regulated institutions we, Co-Founders Jason Boud and Dr Sian Lewin, both saw the promise of technology to manage the challenges and impacts of the wave of regulatory reform following the global financial crisis. The emergence of the ‘RegTech’ label in 2016 sparked our joint imaginations, describing the emerging innovative solutions to help regulated institutions meet their regulatory obligations.

We realised RegTech was a rapidly growing market. However, it is one where buyers and sellers of RegTech solutions were not being brought together with a common understanding of the problems facing the industry. So that’s why RegTech Associates was started, to help the industry and society in general realise the value of RegTech.

We both bring together a wealth of industry expertise and deep quantitative and qualitative research into the global RegTech Market. Now, we help RegTech vendors grow and regulated firms manage compliance more effectively.

RegTech Associates Team

Our milestones


  • Company founded by Jason Boud
  • Began researching the industry and creating awareness of the opportunities for RegTech
  • Started building RegTech Associates network
  • Collaborated with Dr Sian Lewin to create the first RegTech Directory


  • Launched the RegTech Directory as an independent and free research resource
  • Dr Sian Lewin joined the company
  • Partnered with the FCA, BNY Mellon, BNP Paribas, Natwest, Barclays and London Tech Week for various events
  • Welcomed new clients into the fold to help grow their businesses


  • Updated the RegTech Directory with 600 products
  • Put the spotlight on financial crime, creating a market map and a Directory subcategory with 120+ products
  • Thomson Reuters became a client with our work for HighQ
  • Stuart Boardman joined us as Commercial Director


  • Researched the Cyber, Identity and Privacy (CIP) market and created a CIP market map
  • Appointed the Industry Advisory Board
  • Signed our first regulated institution as a client
  • Onboarded three new permanent staff

What’s next?

  • We continue to grow and reach new heights as a company. Join us on our journey as we help realise the value of RegTech

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Our Team

Jason Boud

Co-founder and CEO

Sian Lewin

Co-founder & Head of Client Delivery & Research 

Stuart Boardman

Commercial Director

Thomas Harding

Client Delivery Manager

Jack Rowbotham

Research & Project Analyst

Annie Finlay - Marketing Manager

Annie Finlay

Marketing Manager

Kurosh Amini

Senior Analyst

Erik Olsen


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