Blockchain Unpacked in partnership between
RegTech Associates
and Crystal Blockchain.

Join Jason Boud and Marina Khaustova each month and explore the real-world impact of criminal activity beyond the blockchain.

This monthly show will feature expert insights from prominent leaders in the blockchain, regulatory and technology industries. 

The show will begin with a chat between Marina and Jason focussed on what we think the most interesting developments have been over the last few weeks. After this discussion, we’ll be joined by a guest for a focus into a special topic.

We hope you enjoy the show. 

Episode 3 – running Financial Crime at BCB Group

Recording : 5th June 2023

Jason Boud and Marina Khaustova will be joined by Kym Routledge – Head of Financial Crime at  BCB Group 

Episode 2 – ready for MiCA? 

Recorded : 2nd May 2023

Jason Boud and Marina Khaustova were joined by Jonathan Dixon, Director of Regulatory Affairs – EMEA at Eventus Systems .

Episode 1 – deep dive into the US market

Recorded : 31st March

Jason Boud and Marina Khaustova were joined by Carol Van Cleef, CEO and founder of Luminous Group, LLC, a consulting firm that focuses on strategic consulting and compliance advisory for digital assets and blockchain technology based ventures. Carol is also a practising lawyer and certified anti-money laundering specialist, working with a wide variety of banking, FinTech and crypto firms helping them navigate complex legal and regulatory issues that impact their operations and those of their customers.

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