Digital Financial Crime 2019

The Digital Regulation Series in collaboration with the FCA continues in 2019.

On the 12th September 2019, 9am – 12.30 we will host the joining the FinCrime dots on the customer journey industry roundtable at the Shard in London.

With over 150 Financial Crime products in our market map, how do buyers, such as heads of financial crime evaluate which ones really solve their problems. Which bits of the FinCrime puzzle do they address? And how do you take advantage of the innovation taking place in this sector We aim to lift the innovation fog of financial crime.

Based upon our pre-event research, during this roundtable we’ll explore;

  • Common pain points in the industry
  • Pros/Cons of point solutions versus platforms
  • Rules-based versus AI driven claims
  • Single-use case versus multiple use case products
  • Off the shelf products vs. tailor-made IT solutions

In partnership with Evalueserve and encompass corporation.

This industry roundtable is by invitation only for senior members of financial institutions, if you are a head of financial crime or a senior professional in the industry working for a regulated institution – please get in touch if you would like to attend and we’ll get back to you.

Outline Agenda (approximate timings)

  • Introduction (15 mins) – Objectives & Introductory exercise
  • Positioning (15 mins) – Fog of innovation regarding Financial Crime technology solutions. Objective is to lift some of this fog – or at least guide you through it in relation to the KYC process along the customer journey
  • Session 1 – Problems and pain points (30mins) – exploring the pain points associated with each stage of the customer journey as they relate to people, policy, process, data and technology.
  • Each of the following sessions will focus on the highest priority pain points and we will discuss the internal and external factors that present challenges and explore how these pain points can be mitigated, perhaps through the use of technology solutions or other methods
    • Session 2 – Onboarding (30 mins)
    • Session 3 – Ongoing Monitoring (30 mins)
    • Session 4 – Offboarding (30 mins)
  • Discussion / Wrap Up – How to continue the conversation, Key takeaways, What do participants want as output?
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