Why next generation client screening is a saving, not. a cost

30th March 2023

This webinar explored how firms can leverage emerging technologies to future proof their end-to-end client screening process, ensuring they are reliable, efficient and dynamic amongst the rapidly evolving threat sanctions landscape.

About the event:

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has caused a wave of changes in global sanctions regimes, and has put firms’ client screening systems and processes to the test. If firms are to remain compliant in the midst of a volatile global sanctions regime, and if they are to be future-proofed against the challenges ahead, they cannot continue to operate with sub-optimal technology. If firms are to go beyond compliance, and to begin reducing false positives and improving customer experience, they should be aware of the latest trends in technology enabling firms to implement an optimal risk-based approach.

We focussed on critical topic areas such as:

  • The challenges of current sanctions regimes and evolving geopolitical landscape
  • Why legacy systems can prove costly, even in the short term
  • The value of sandbox testing
  • Why an end-to-end client screening solution solves multiple problems and future proofs compliance.

Watch our Fireside Chat

Watch the expert panel discuss what it means to have a risk based approach to sanctions screening before outlining why its important to leverage technology in order to increase the sophistication of your screening program.

You can also find the fireside chat and other great video insights on our Radar platform

Speakers at the webinar

Christopher Brown

Client Delivery Manager

RegTech Associates

Angelika Hellweger

Legal Director

Rahman Ravelli

William Monk

Chief Product Officer


Scott Samme