Regulatory change management: What’s on the horizon?

Join our webinar, with SAI360, where we explore what regulatory areas are experiencing most change and what innovations could make managing regulatory change less challenging. 

About the event

As anyone who works in a compliance or regulatory role knows regulation is not static. Every highly regulated industry operates in a dynamic environment, where the regulatory framework is constantly evolving.

Firms that successfully manage regulatory change quickly understand what regulatory developments are on the horizon, determine how they will be impacted (if at all), specify what they need to do in response and keep track of these actions so they know where they are at any point in time.

Join our webinar, in partnership with SAI360, where we will explore:

  • What regulatory areas are experiencing the most change at the moment and in the near future?
  • Are any of these areas more complex to manage than others and if so, why?
  • What is the interaction between managing regulatory change and various accountability regimes such as the SMCR in the UK and SEAR in Ireland?
  • What innovations – regulatory, technological, operational – would make managing regulatory change less challenging?

If you can’t make the live webinar, we encourage you to still register as we will send you the recording of the session afterwards.

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