KYC transformation:
taking people on a journey

About the event:

Fundamental reform of KYC is being pushed by a range of strategic drivers such as the acceleration of digital transformation resulting from the pandemic, changing customer expectations and mounting inefficiencies of the current processes.

KYC transformation, like any large scale change program, is not just about data and technology, though those are obviously central to its success. KYC transformation will also involve changes to policies, processes and the way that people work and therefore it is vital that those leading the program consider how to take people on the transformation journey.

This webinar will discuss the people aspects of change and transformation, focusing on questions such as

  • What can leaders do to inspire and motivate people when a transformation program is likely to last a number of years?
  • How should leaders deal with the cultural challenges involved in KYC transformation – and ensure compliance officers, IT and operations and even regulators are on board with the need and benefits of the change?
  • What are some practical ways that leaders can overcome inertia and resistance to change?
  • What is best practice when it comes to communicating internally about large scale transformation programs?
  • How can firms ensure they have the leadership and sponsorship they need to drive successful KYC transformation?

Join us and benefit from hearing from industry experts including:

  • Doris Honold, Non-Executive Director at Encompass and Credit Suisse  
  • Heather Adams, Managing Director, Head of Risk Strategy & Consulting, Accenture UK 
  • Dr Sian Lewin, Co-founder and Head of Client Delivery at RegTech Associates