AML: Talking typologies and the role of artificial intelligence

Join our next webinar, in partnership with Napier, where we look at financial crime typologies, predicate crimes and how artificial intelligence can help.

About the event

A huge amount is known about predicate crimes and how criminals use the financial system to legitimise their ill-gotten funds, though there are still unsatisfactory recovery rates of these gains with as little as 1% of illicit transactions in Europe being recovered.

For both financial institutions and law enforcement, crime convergence makes it harder to make the links between money laundering red flags and predicate crimes, exacerbating the already challenging process of following the money. Having a better understanding of how these crimes manifest in patterns of money-laundering behaviour will improve risk identification and investigative activities.

You’re invited to our webinar, in partnership with Napier, where we explore:

  • The crimes behind the crime – with a focus on corruption and kleptocracy and the revelations from the Pandora papers
  • How typologies of financial crime are currently researched and shared
  • What some of the limitations are of these methods
  • What the implication of this is on the effectiveness of AML controls
  • The role that artificial intelligence can play in identifying existing typologies and identifying new ones

If you can’t make the live webinar, we encourage you to still register as we will send you the recording of the session afterwards.

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