With over 300 Financial Crime products in our market map, how do buyers, such as heads of financial crime evaluate which ones really solve their problems? Which bits of the FinCrime puzzle do they address? And how do you take advantage of the innovation taking place in this sector?

We aim to lift the innovation fog of financial crime.

Our industry roundtables, focussing on Digital Regulation, continue in 2020 and we will be taking the conversations we started in 2018 and 2019 further, exploring the issues raised in more depth. Take a look at some of the previous topics we have covered on our past events page.

This year we will be putting the spotlight on financial crime and conduct while drilling down into more specific themes at each event:

In addition to the roundtables in the second half of the year, we are hosting webinars before the summer. The webinar will be designed to provide knowledge and understanding of the subject matter, to lead to a more focused conversation at the roundtable. 

“I was really attracted by the professionalism around the roundtable introduction and quality of attendees. I only go to two events a year this event appealed to me”

Mark Brotherton, Director, Fraud & Financial Crime, Lloyds

Technology providers interested in partnering us for these events are also welcome to drop us a line.

“A very good event – well attended, well documented”

Neil McKenna, Barclays