Digital Regulation

The Digital Regulation Series is now in it’s 3rd year

Can financial regulation ever become truly digital? Will it ever be possible for financial regulation to be applied at FinTech speed and ensure regulatory objectives such as financial stability, consumer protection and combatting financial crime can still be met? What are the practical steps along the way to Digital Regulation?

These are some of the questions RegTech Associates is exploring in collaboration with international regulators and financial institutions as part of our Digital Regulation Event Series.

We don’t just discuss the challenges of Digital Regulation but map out action plans and developing tangible output on industry best practice to achieve them. We want to translate talk into action.

We want to ensure that we involve people from the global financial industry who deal with the challenges (and opportunities?) of financial regulation in their day-to-day lives. Collectively we can uncover the problems and obstacles in the way of true Digital Regulation and find ways of overcoming them using smart technology and the latest thinking.

Ultimately, our aim is to cover the entire scope of financial regulation but we will start by focusing on three areas where we believe Digital Regulation is gaining momentum:

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