Crises, fraud and the use of AI webinar - Janet Adams

For the second webinar of our Digital Regulation Series, we were delighted to have Janet Adams join us as an explainability expert.

Janet is Head of Strategic Projects and Performance, Business Banking at TSB and has recently completed an MSc in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Essex. There she developed a path-breaking dissertation on Explainability and Accountability of AI for global banking regulatory compliance, fair customer outcomes and market stability, in which she investigated and assessed different algorithmic approaches for nine AI banking use cases across retail and wholesale sectors.

“FATE – to me, the discussion about accountability and explainability in AI is one of the most important topics of our generation.  We’re at a pivotal moment in the foot wheels of the AI revolution.  To quote Elon Musk, who is clearly more than scratching the surface of what is possible, but we’re clearly only scratching the surface of what’s possible with AI.

…there are some really great applications of AI in financial services in keeping us safe and keeping our customers safe from bad actors. I’m a huge proponent of the use of artificial intelligence, particularly in fraud and financial planning applications because they have the ability to spot patterns that us humans wouldn’t necessarily see or our code wouldn’t necessarily see.”

Watch the full recap from Janet’s session here:

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