Have you asked yourself if your product could address the security challenges of Financial Market Infrastructures?  At RegTech Associates, we believe this market segment presents a significant opportunity for innovative RegTech solution providers, but is often overlooked due to lack of subject matter expertise.  

Did you know:

  • There are more than 300 financial market infrastructure providers around the world with a connected eco-system of many times that. 
  • Financial markets infrastructures are currently in focus, having been included within the framework of the NIS (Network Information Security) Directive.

Tech vendors like Darktrace and BearingPoint have already started to capitalise on the growing needs of this market segment, we want to help you do the same. See our Market Map here for a visual guide to other innovative vendors in this space.

“As the frequency and sophistication of cyberattacks continues to rise, resilience has become the new top priority on industry and regulator agendas – and rightly so” commented Stephen Scharf, DTCC Managing Director and Chief Security Officer. “We need to evolve our collective thinking to a resilience and recovery mindset”

Why are financial market infrastructures particularly concerned about the risk of cyber-attacks? It’s not just because they’re highly targeted.  They’re concerned because of:

  • Their central role as operators of trading venues, clearing houses, central securities depositories or trade repositories
  • A complex geopolitical climate
  • Higher dependencies on complex systems
  • Large programmes of migration to the Cloud

Financial market infrastructures are critically important institutions responsible for providing clearing, settlement and recording of monetary and other financial transactions.  While the tools allowing for the detection of attacks are numerous, there is a definitive opportunity for RegTech solutions which will help them with:

  • Prevention of attacks – do you have a solution which could help them protect their data more effectively? Or anticipate the risk of future attacks?
  • Response and recovery – could you provide the ability to protect, maintain and restore data securely, give traceability, and ensure a speedy return to “pre-attack” golden source records? Can you help with Cloud-based security?

With a deep understanding of the sector showcased through a series of insightful blog posts in partnership with industry experts, alongside an extensive European wide network, we are well placed to help you understand the opportunities on offer. 

Get in touch via info@rtassociates.co if would like to setup a call to discuss or to come in and meet us.


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