RegTech Conferences .. no more groundhog day

At RegTech Associates we are often invited to speak about the RegTech industry and during 2017 and 2018 we attended more than 50 events; some private, some public. At first these events were exciting – people talking about how technology can make a difference in solving the problems that face regulated industries. We were excited to hear about new technologies and listen to panel debates on the best way forward.

But in 2018, we started to have regular ‘groundhog day’ moments, the same conversations, the same statements, often the same people at conference after conference. Some of the more action-oriented people started to slip away from the scene and grumble quietly about the ‘old days’.

Conferences that were great in 2017 dwindled to being average in 2018 and new conferences followed the trend in 2018 to become awful in 2019.

We think the industry deserves better than:

  • All sizzle and no steak
  • All foam and no beer
  • All talk and no action
  • All smoke and no fire
  • All rhyme and no rhythm

So we sought out people who think differently about the reason to hold a gathering. People who really understand why you would give us 1, 2 or 3 days of your life to attend.

We found those people! They are Liz, Lisa and Victor and their wonderful team at VC Innovations. We stopped talking, and 6 weeks ago took action.

We formed a strategic partnership and today we launch RegTECHTalents together.  

RegTECHTalents is the only global forum in the RegTech industry focussed on creating a meaningful dialogue aimed at improving the implementation of Regulation Technology. Join 200 founders, buyers, industry experts and innovators as they turn talk into action.

Our festival will take place on November 13th, immediately after FinTECHTalents and alongside AITECHTalents and CyberTECHTalents.

We have the privilege to be guided by some industry experts from companies such as: Addleshaw Goddard, Bank of America, Barclays, BNP Paribas, Citibank, Credit Suisse, Google, the London School of Economics and the London Stock Exchange. This list will grow over the coming weeks.

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